Wednesday, October 19, 2011


         For the people who have no sense of control. For the people who think that the things they do are sane. They are insane and this is for you. What does it mean to love?" To see a man is a unique preoccupation of one’s life. A preoccupation above all others. An invitation to mutual exploration seized during moments of visual emotional contact accompanied by the removal of any artificiality and accompanied by the flash of light."[1](Investigating Sex) Photography. A picture in your mind means a thousand of your own meanings. I was in so much pain when I seen this. You think that you can change the picture that you put in my mind. You can't. I see you and I get a headache. I see you and I fall to my knees and say, “Why?” I see you and think that God put you on earth for a reason. Why!? I will never know. I am thinking about you and how you degrade, betrayed, and defiled me. I don't know why, but you popped into my head after all these years. I was scared and I cried. Then I stop and read my book. I read my story. Then I cried again and saw that I came from a long way. You have made it bad for a lot of good people. Uncomfortable is not the word no more. It is unbearable. I hide my pain still, but I let it out in a better manner.

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